Precision CNC Turning

Complex part production through lights-out machining.

Technical CNC Turning Capabilities

  • Our machines accept bar-stock, diameters ranging from .100 inches to 3 inches
  • Multiple lathes have robotic chuck loading of slugs and larger diameter material
  • Capable of tight tolerance jobs and complex features
  • Optimized machine processing utilizing CAD and CAM programs working with solid models
  • Flexible finishing capabilities including in-house deburring/assembly and plating/painting through trusted partners

Additional Automated Technologies

  • Individual measuring of each part to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Machine integrated robotic unload, wash, dry package systems
  • Automated deburring and finishing systems

Optimized and efficient manufacturing

Our production machine shop specializes in mid to high-volume, recurrent projects. All CNC Turning centers are capable of producing complete parts, overnight, without operator oversight. We offer both Swiss and fixed head turning, giving us the flexibility to meet process demand.

Considering the complexity of the part, we pair your process with the best lathe for the job. We maximize efficiency through the following:

  • Automation Technologies – including articulating robots, collaborative technologies, and other automated unloading technology.
  • Highly Capable Turning Centers – our turning centers are equipped with main and sub spindles and live tooling for maximized flexibility and production.
  • Single Operation Production – we can often produce complex parts without secondary operation.