Deburring, plating and assembly to your exact specifications.

Automation and reliability

At Staub, we manufacture and deliver parts under a turnkey mentality. By working to automate our processes more and more every day, our customers can benefit from repeatable, reliable, and consistent results.
Our finishing services remain flexible to meet demand: deburring, plating, and assembly. We can offer any/all of these services for the parts we produce, and we’ll ship your parts exactly as needed.

Technical Finishing Capabilities

  • Traditional, manual deburring processes
  • Automated mechanical deburring: vibratory tumbling, high-energy centrifugal deburring, thermal deburring, bead blasting, magnetic spinning
  • Plating, painting & coating through trusted partners – you name the finish, we’ll deliver the part ready to use
  • Completion of complex subassemblies that incorporate multiple machined and/or purchased components
  • Simple assembly such as installing helicoils, o-rings, pins, etc. into parts that we’ve machined
  • Precision grinding processes

At Staub, we deliver quality parts through tailored machining and turnkey finishing services. If you have additional questions about our finishing capabilities, please give us a call at (716) 649-4211 or fill out the form below. One of our representatives be in touch to continue the conversation.