Automated Manufacturing

Automated manufacturing focused on quality, precision, and efficiency.

Some of our robotic systems include:

  • Automated Guided Vehicles: transfer parts and work holdings to and from mills
  • Articulating Robots: unload, wash, dry, and pack parts from turning centers
  • Collaborative Robots: used to reduce labor and variability in a number of applications
  • Assembly Robots: used to free up labor for higher level tasks while reducing variability in assembly

Automation Highlights

  • Automatic Wash System: three stage, aqueous wash system to ensure parts are particle and contaminant free
  • Automatic Coolant Management: allows us to focus labor on production, and control production variables
  • Automatic Part Unloading: moves completed parts from machines without labor
  • Automated Assembly: high volume assembly requires repeatable, automated process and systems
  • Automated Inspection: measurement equipment allows us to take labor and variability out of complex inspection

Continuous Innovation

Automation is ingrained in our day-to-day production. We use robots across our manufacturing processes to increase efficiency and reduce variability. Our dedication to automated machining allows us to run jobs continuously—overnight if needed— without operator intervention. Because we focus on building the proper infrastructure to promote automation, we’re able to automate more and more every day — constantly improving our processes, consistency, and quality.