Case Study

Design Input Reduces Costs, Improve Strength

The Challenge

  • Our customer’s new shaft design proved difficult – and costly – to machine
  • We found that we were putting an inordinate amount of cost into a feature that didn’t seem to offer significant benefit
  • During a DFM (design for manufacturability) consultation, it became clear to us the connection method for the shaft had significant failure potential


Product: Pump Shaft | 416 Stainless Steel

Quantity: 10,000 pieces per year

Industry: Fluid Power

Type of Fabrication: Machining | Turning

Staub’s Solution

Our team suggested a different connection method that would not only improve performance but decrease cost as well. This connection method would resolve strength and reliability issues, reduce our customer’s assembly time, and reduce our machining price.


After our customer adopted the design change, shaft connection strength increased by 30%, assembly time was reduced by 75 seconds, and machining cost decreased by 16%. Staub’s solution for this part proved to be beneficial for our customer’s engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing departments. 


Increased part strength


Decreased assembly time


Decreased cost