Quality & Inspection

Quality parts. Advanced processes. Precise inspection.

As a precision machine stop, we follow a detail-oriented approach in everything we do. We engineer quality into the process of making parts and utilize high-end precision inspection instruments to complement our machining capabilities. With the right tools and equipment, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to continuously improve as a company, we’re able to make our processes more repeatable, reliable, and consistent.

ISO 9001 Certified

We have three simple Quality objectives, which have been the backbone of Staub for many years:

  • To exceed customer expectations
  • To make in-tolerance parts
  • To ship parts on-time

Our ISO Certification represents our desire to move forward and meet our quality objectives. We’re also reaping the benefits of a Quality Management System, which helps us to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ requirements in product quality, order quality, and delivery.

Quality Management Capabilities

  • We follow procedures, accommodate customer requirements, and mitigate gaps in our systems
  • We maintain material traceability from raw material to finished part
  • We have procedures in place to control, quarantine, and document nonconformities
  • We push the boundaries to adopt a more automated, repeatable process
  • We aim to continually improve our QMS, parts, and the company as a whole

Technical Inspection Capabilities

  • We utilize a Brown & Sharpe CMM to achieve precise measurement of complex parts
  • We can automate inspection of complex or tight tolerance parts through vision systems such as Optical Micrometers, Laser Micrometers, and Image Measurement
  • We leverage multisensory inspection and air gaging for sensitive parts with tight tolerances
  • We have a full complement of physical gages—from height gages to micrometers—ensuring we have the right tools on hand for your inspection

At Staub, we deliver precision parts perfectly aligned with customer specifications. If you have additional questions about our quality and inspection technologies, please give us a call at (716) 649-4211 or fill out the form below. One of our representatives be in touch to continue the conversation.