Staub Advantage

A leading innovator in precision machining.

There are many benefits to choosing Staub Precision Machine, Inc. for your production needs. From our attentive customer service and collaborative solutions, to our innovative systems and top-of-the-line machinery, we are confident our partnership will achieve great results.

Automated Production

We have an amazing group of employees at Staub, but what sets us apart are our automated processes. At Staub, much of our equipment is customized to optimize production and automation, utilizing robots to maximize output while reducing labor and variability. Our devoted staff arrives every morning to parts waiting to be inspected, washed, and/or packed, courtesy of the unattended, automated processes in place.

End-Use Parts

With Staub’s automated processes and expert, dedicated staff, parts are delivered to each customer, often ready-to-use, exactly as requested.  Integrated finishing processes are performed simultaneously with production, to minimize the production timeline. We guarantee that parts will come to you deburred, clean, and treated or electroplated if needed.

Support and Finishing

Robots and automation are incredible tools for high-volume production, but sometimes jobs need to be done by hand. Our shop is fully equipped with manual machines and support tools for custom jobs, ensuring each part meets our standard of precision. We are also equipped to handle repairs, part assembly or custom work if your needs suddenly change.