CNC Milling

Highly automated milling in flexible manufacturing systems.

Technical CNC Milling Capabilities

  • Automation and equipment are optimized for long-term, recurring jobs
  • Linear pallet pools can store up to 50 pallets, each
  • Capable of tight tolerance jobs and complex features
  • Optimized machine processing utilizing CAD and CAM programs working with solid models
  • Flexible finishing capabilities including in-house deburring/assembly and plating/painting through trusted partners

Additional Automated Technologies

  • In process probing to ensure machining accuracy
  • Broken tool detection and tool life management ensure tools are always in optimal condition
  • Individual measuring of each part to ensure accuracy and compliance

Optimized and efficient manufacturing

Operating as an automated production CNC milling shop, we house multiple flexible manufacturing systems each comprised of 4-Axis or 5-Axis mills and robotic loading and unloading systems.

Our flexible manufacturing systems are optimized and engineered for long-run production with minimal waste and operator intervention.   

For long-term projects we follow the steps below to eliminate recurring setup costs:

  • Engineer a permanent manufacturing process that optimizes efficiency and reduces the opportunity for variation.
  • The program is written, long-term fixturing is designed and fabricated, and tooling is added to the machine magazine.
  • Each program, pallet, and its tooling remain resident in the system.

Why do we opt for long-term, custom, permanent fixturing?

  • Decreased machining time
  • Increased efficiency
  • Work holding that matches customer demand.

Our manufacturing system enables a response to just-in-time ordering unlike other shops in the industry. We will customize our production rate to match your ordering and manufacturing needs.