Precision Machining

Increased productivity. Constant innovation.

Optimized, automated production

Staub operates as a production shop, specializing in recurrent, high-volume production. We machine component parts for manufacturers across the country. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to operate a manned first, second and third shift that are completely automated and unattended—and we’re always looking for ways to advance our processes and exceed customer demands.

CNC Turning

Our CNC Turning centers are ideal for high-volume, recurrent projects. Our automation technology enables unattended machining and complex part production.

CNC Milling

Our highly automated CNC Milling department includes horizontal mills in multiple flexible manufacturing systems—allowing us flexibility to match customer demand.

5-Axis Machining

Our 5-Axis Machining cell enables us to respond to just-in-time orders, whether you require a blanket order spread out over a year or a batch order for single delivery.


Our turnkey finishing services allow us to remain flexible to meet demand and ship your parts exactly as needed every time.

EDM Machining

As a precision manufacturing company we provide solutions for all your electrical discharge machining (EDM) needs.

Laser/Waterjet Cutting

Staub is able to handle a variety applications where tight tolerances are present.

Mill Turn Machining

Our hybrid CNC Mill/Turn capabilities can finish complex workpieces in one operation.

Rotary Transfer Machining

Our machine shop includes rotary transfer machines that are used for machining large quantities of parts.