Vici Vision MTL1 Optical Measuring Machine

Apr 25, 2023

Vicivision Machine

Vici Vision MTL1 Optical Measuring Machine


Deburring & Finishing



  • Complex component measurement up to 300mm x 60mm 
  • Non-contact, high-speed, and accurate production gauge
  • Eliminates conventional time-consuming, ineffective methods
  • Once written, inspection routines complete in seconds at the touch of a button
  • Unique “Air Flow” cooling system
Our Vici Vision MTL1 Optical Measuring Machine is the complete production solution for fast and accurate measurement of turned and ground components like camshafts, crankshafts, turbines, threaded parts, and more.

This high-speed solution for precise and advanced optical measurements of cylindrical micromechanical components combines a video camera, telecentric lens, and light to produce accurate measurements in seconds. The MTL1 reduces downtime and significantly increases overall efficiency.

Compact and ergonomic, the ideal tool to flank multi-spindle lathes or sliding head lathes. From simple fittings to small shafts measuring up to 300×60 mm. Significant reduction in rejects, implementing the preventive actions indicated by the measurement trend graphs.

Measuring form defects on the shop floor, in a matter of seconds, it is possible to take:



With threaded components, it is possible to take form measurements such as nuts, bolts, and pivots. Multi-rotation and software filtering systems take form measurements also on elements with high roughness. Form measurements can also be taken on portions of interrupted diameters, such as splined shafts or the external diameters of gears or turbines. These measurements can also be detected on eccentric elements, including camshafts.