United CPC 4000HD – High Energy Tumbler

Apr 5, 2023

United CPC 4000

United CPC 4000HD – High Energy Tumbler


Deburring & Finishing



  • Maximum Capacity: 4 Cubic Feet (114L)
  • Barrel Capacity: 1 Cubic Foot
  • Turret Speed Range: 0-225RPM* fully adjustable
  • Rotation Ratio: 1:1 – Turret:Barrel

High-energy tumbling is the process of using centrifugal force to polish parts en masse. The high-energy tumble finish process involves placing parts that need finishing, media, water, and a surfactant in a barrel and using centrifugal force, deburr, radius, smooth, burnish, descale, or otherwise prepare parts, finishing them to the desired level. One of the significant advantages of high-energy tumbling is efficiency. Parts can be completed in a matter of minutes in many cases. When time is of the essence, high-energy tumbling is the route.

Staub’s versatile CPC4000 is the most automated deburring machine in its class. It comes standard with a separating system separating parts from media, a rinse system that washes both parts and media and PLC touchscreen controls that automatically load recipes into the system, eliminating operator error. The CPC4000 can process more parts per barrel than other similar-volume high-energy machines due to its configuration. Unlike competing 4-cubic-foot centrifugal barrel tumblers, the barrels on the CPC4000 are smaller in diameter but longer, allowing the parts to spread inside the barrels instead of bunching up in the center. Therefore, more parts can be processed without part-on-part impingement. These barrels also can create up to ten individual compartments per barrel for processes where parts must be kept from touching each other.