OTEC DF 35 – Drag Finishing

Aug 28, 2023

drag finishing

OTEC DF 35 – Drag Finishing


Deburring & Finishing



  • Handles deburring, rounding, smoothing & polishing
  • 3 Workpiece holders designed for medium-scale production runs
  • Maximum Workpiece Diameter:  250mm
  • Driven by 0.75Kw, 660 rpm at 60Hz, 138 rpm at 50Hz, 230 volt, motor


Drag finishing is a specialized version of mass or vibratory finishing. It is different in that the parts to be deburred and finished are mechanically dragged through the media while attached to fixtures. Typically designed around customers’ requirements, the work pieces are clamped in specially designed holders and dragged in a circular motion through a process drum containing grinding or polishing granulates. This is ideal for finishing high value and sensitive parts which cannot touch each other during the finishing process. It is also a much faster process compared to vibratory or high energy centrifugal systems, increasing efficiencies. 

Once a drag finishing process is programmed in and engaged it consistently produces the same high finishing quality day in and day out. By automating the finishing process the human factor omitted at that stage. The deburring or grinding result is high-lustre finish in a quality otherwise only obtained through hand polishing.