Keyence LS-7030

Dec 11, 2020

Keyence LS-7030


Quality & Inspection



  • 2D Green LED digital micrometer
  • High speed, high accuracy OD measurement
  • Sampling cycle: 2,400 samples/sec
  • Accuracy: ±2 µm, Repeatability: ±0.15 µm
  • Central data management to output inspection information for statistical evaluation

Staub’s Mobile Shop Floor Inspection Stations utilize a variety of Keyence 2D laser displacement optical micrometers, Keyence high intensity, green LED digital micrometers, and Cognex Machine Vision smart cameras for high speed, high accuracy inspection and sampling. These systems are designed for use on the shop floor. They are portable and can be moved from machine to machine. They can also be incorporated with a robot/cobot for fully automated, lights-out inspection and hooked into our central data management system to output inspection data for statistical evaluation (SPC).