Hydromat EPIC R/T 45-12 Rotary Transfer Machine

Mar 15, 2021


Hydromat EPIC R/T 45-12 Rotary Transfer Machine


CNC Turning


  • Rotary Transfer Machine with 12 spindle stations
  • Designed to minimize cycle time and maximize output on high volume projects
  • 12’ barfeeder
  • 1.75” thru the spindle
  • 6” max part length
  • 0.8 sec index time
  • 12 horizontal and 6 vertical machining stations

Staub’s Hydromat EPIC II is a rotary transfer solution made explicitly for advanced production solutions providing the right tool for the right job. The Hydromat system is the solution for eliminating secondary operations by producing parts complete from bar stock, castings, forgings, or cold-formed blanks. The Hydromat machining platform reduces work in progress with additional cost reduction realized due to extremely short remnants translating to significant material savings. Increased productivity is partially due to the modular tool spindle system with quick-change pre-settable tool heads for easy changeovers. Our equipment has up to 12 horizontal & 6 vertical machining stations and handles up to 45mm diameters in square, round, or hex bar stock.