Giant Vibratory Tumbler

Dec 11, 2020

Giant Vibratory Tumbler


Deburring & Finishing



  • Variable speed drive, capacity 3-40 cubic feet, heavy duty bowl & base weldment
  • Fully automated finishing process after the loading of parts
  • Consistent, finished parts using the right deburring media, vibratory deburring chemical compounds and the right time cycle and settings

Save time in finishing parts by letting Staub handle all your finishing processes on-site. Vibratory tumblers have high throughput, are suitable for manufacturing high volumes of parts, and provide a value-add for customers. Benefits of working with Staub’s Giant Vibratory tumbler include affordability, custom fabrication, and ease of automation. With high output and a large machine that can accommodate many pieces, it’s easy for us to service our clients looking for custom fabrication for parts of various shapes and sizes.

Giant’s Model GB-3 is exceptionally efficient for small precision parts with external burrs because it comes with internal separation for those parts that are hard to find in the media load mass. It can run a wide variety of metals and uses plastic media in various sizes and shapes to get the final desired result for our customers. The variable speed drive allows us to fine-tune the machine with the touch of a button, whether running parts with heavy burr or scale that needs to be run aggressively or parts with critical surfaces and tight tolerances that are much more delicate.