DMG MORI Sprint 42

Nov 24, 2020

DMG MORI Sprint 42


CNC Turning



  • 1.7″ thru the spindle
  • 12’ barfeeder
  • 26 tool positions on 2 linear carriers
  • Live tooling on both spindles
  • Simultaneous working on both spindles

Staub’s DMG Mori Sprint 42 has a highly dynamic drive in all axes for short machining times and efficient production. It has a highly stable machine design that provides constant rigidity through robust slideways and wide spacing between them (main and counter spindle: X1/X22: 375/450mm). It also features fast cycle times using linear and direct drive technology.

Through the X1-axis and linear drive, our DMG Mori Sprint 42 linear, with 1g acceleration, can provide the highest dynamics and consistent precision. This versatile machine and its many tool solutions demonstrate technology expertise with short-turning and long-Swiss turning capabilities up to 42mm.