DMG Mori Linear Pallet Pools #1 (Flexible Manufacturing System) – NH4000

Nov 24, 2020

Manufacturing Equipment

DMG Mori Linear Pallet Pools #1 (Flexible Manufacturing System) – NH4000


CNC Milling



  • FMS with 4 Horizontal Mills and 50 pallet locations
    • Allows for continuous, unattended production
    • Allows for long term jobs to be perpetually setup
    • Tools stored in magazine, fixtures always setup and stored in pallet pool, programs resident in machine
  • Four 4-Axis Horizontal Mills (Mori Seiki NH4000DCG)
  • High capacity tool magazines
  • Two offline loading stations, each with a torque controlled screw gun
  • Fifty 16”x16” pallets, accommodate tombstones up to 24” tall
  • Automated Guided Vehicle to transfer pallets
  • X-Axis: 24.8”, Y-Axis: 22.0”, Z Axis: 24”, B-Axis: 24”
  • 14,000 RPM spindles
  • High Pressure Coolant
  • Coolant Chillers

The LPP – Linear Pallet Pool – from DMG MORI is a flexible pallet handling system to optimize production and make it more economical. A linear storage system reduces production lead times, increases flexibility, and enables temporary unmanned production and longer spindle running times of the connected machine tools. There is an additional benefit from the modularity of the LPP – it can be individually configured according to customer requirements and is available either with a single or twin fork pallet handling device for a transfer weight of up to 6,000 kg or as a pallet shuttle for a transfer weight of up to 15 tons.

Staub boasts 13 horizontal 4-axis machining centers on three linear pallet pool systems with over 100 pallets allowing high production, cost-effective milling, and high-mix/low-volume capabilities.

The DMG Mori Linear Pallet Pools are a freely scalable storage system that can connect up to 10 machines and five set-up stations, allowing Staub the flexibility to service customers no matter their specific job requirements.