Dec 10, 2020

DMG Mori ALX2500-GX



CNC Turning



  • 3.125″ thru the spindle
  • 10″ max chuck diameter
  • Barfeed or robotic chuck load
  • In-machine robot to load slugs and/or unload machined parts
  • Live tooling

The DMG Mori ALX2500-GX boasts cutting-edge technology and is a reliable machine that can be used to create parts for a wide variety of applications and industries. The highly ALX series can achieve automation and produce higher productivity using a twin spindle turning center with Y-axis milling. It also has a bar feed up to 3.125” or a gantry load up to 6.9”, proving its versatility.

The ALX2500-GX achieves a streamlined, sophisticated, high-rigidity structure using FEM analysis from the primary design phase to simulate various operational behavior and environmental changes. Thermal displacement significantly influences machining accuracy, including heat generation during machine operation, room temperature changes, and coolant temperature increases. DMG MORI tackles the factors with a specialized oil jacket up to the rear side of the spindle, controlling thermal displacement from every aspect.

Our ALX2500-GX employs linear motion guides with less elastic deformation against the Z-axis load and slideways on the X-axis to achieve superior rigidity and high accuracy. The rigidity ensures the series’ outstanding cutting ability, and the space-saving design enables the establishment of automation systems, including compact robots and loader systems, boosting customers’ productivity.