CL1000 Clean Laser Ablation System

Apr 5, 2023

CL Clean Laser Ablation

CL Clean Laser Ablation System


Deburring & Finishing



  • Powerful laser with up to a 1,000-watt beam source power (CW) with unchanged dimensions (water-cooled system)
  • High performance, especially for large-area applications with thicker layers
  • Ergonomic optics and high beam quality of the laser in combination with a consistent top hat beam shape provide incomparable power with higher speeds during material decoating
  • Fiber length up to 300 feet

Our laser system CL1000 is one of the most powerful handheld lasers on the market. It is a non-contact, environmentally friendly process that removes surface coatings from metals with minimal impact on the base material. It quickly eliminates rust, hazardous coatings, and corrosion from metal components without altering the substrate or leaving any waste behind.

Laser Cleaning Technology is a proven, state-of-the-art solution that aims brief pulses of high-power laser energy at the surface to be cleaned. The laser selectively removes layers efficiently and safely to protect base materials, and the energy applied to the top layer being removed doesn’t dissipate. Instead, it blasts off the material being cleaned through the process known as laser ablation.  This technology can be used for various material processing needs within various industries with high-temperature and high-pressure environments, such as aerospace, automotive, military & defense, power generation, nuclear facilities, and maintenance & repair facilities