Brown and Sharpe Global Performance CMM

Dec 11, 2020

Brown Sharp Global Performance

Brown and Sharpe Global Performance CMM


Quality & Inspection



  • Best solution for high tolerance parts and the most sophisticated measurement tasks
  • Ability to program with assistance of CAD models for seamless feedback
  • Inspection window size – 47”(wide) x 59”(long) x 39”(high)
  • PC-DMIS programming software

Staub’s Brown and Sharper Global Performance CMM is the best solution for high-tolerance parts. It has a motorized scanning probe head and thermal compensation software and an inspection window size of 47-in (wide) by 59-in (long) by 39-in (high). Utilizing the latest PC-DMIS software, we incorporate 3D Solid CAD models for inspection, increasing accuracy while decreasing inspection cycle times. We’ve added several custom-designed, multi-part fixture plates and a 9-port probe docking/changing station. This allows us to effectively utilize unmanned, lights-out inspection and measure hundreds of parts without human interaction.