Custom Machining Services: Understanding the Equipment

Dec 12, 2023 | News, Precision Machining

Amada F1 Laser Cutter

Custom machining services involve methods such as CNC milling, CNC turning, or electric discharge machining (EDM), and in many ways, it’s like customizing anything. As a tailor might take in here and let out a bit there to make a suit fit a specific person, an engineer making a custom part will produce one that fits a customer’s needs exactly as it should. Custom machining services can make parts with finer tolerances and are often the best choice for fabricating components with specific requirements; universal or standardized parts aren’t often needed for these types of customized projects, as the end product has a very specific purpose. 

Custom machining services are often used when: 

  • A high-quality component needs to be delivered quickly.
  • Features from different components can be combined into one component.
  • Nonstandard components are needed but not readily available.
  • Only smaller quantities are needed.
  • The part requires specific characteristics not found in standard parts.

Types of Equipment Used for Custom Machining Services

Used as a means to meet high-tolerance specifications when fabricating components, custom machining operations are performed by various kinds of CNC equipment. Deciding on the best machinery for a specific workpiece depends on the exact application and its requirements.

CNC Milling

This involves a rotating device that physically cuts away material on a workpiece and may be usedto chamfer, slot, or thread a component to create particularly complex and intricate designs. Custom CNC milling can reach tolerances within 0.01 mm (less than 2500th of an inch). Such custom machining services can be used for milling forms, gears, and the surfaces of parts made from various metals and alloys, as well as from plastics, to name a few.

CNC Turning 

This method is often used to make cylindric components like bushings or shafts. In this process, the CNC machine controls the cutting tool while the workpiece spins axially. Custom CNC turning involves removing material until the part has the proper diameter and other geometrical features. This type of custom machining uses either a fixed or sliding head, with the latter type used to decrease price and production time.

CNC Laser Cutting

This custom machining technique uses laser beams to vaporize, melt, or remove material, often employing a guidance system and optics in conjunction with the laser. It involves reflecting and amplifying the laser beam with a mirror to focus energy onto the workpiece and cut away at it. CNC laser cutting reduces waste and is often used with a wide array of materials.

CNC Drilling

This CNC technique is used to produce cylinder-shaped holes in a workpiece. By utilizing drill bits with multiple points, workpieces can have holes drilled at an angle or perpendicularly. Angular drilling requires clamping devices and configurations specially programmed into the machine for performing operations like countersinking, reaming, and tapping. Perpendicular drilling simply involves an insertion into the workpiece by a rotary drill aided by a CNC machine.

Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)

This method is sometimes used for conductive workpieces because of their non-contact machining, precision, ability to machine hard materials, wire-cut capability for complex shapes, heat-affected zone control, and the production of burr-free surfaces. EDM involves transmitting sparks through a dielectric fluid that transfers electric energy from an electrode to the part’s surface. Precision EDM techniques are used for machining fine features like diameter holes and di cavities. Custom machining services that utilize EDM technology determine the discharge rate and thermal energy needed by looking at a metal’s conductivity. Additionally, EDM processes don’t require any mechanical force.

Choosing Staub for Custom Machining Services

Staub Precision Machine offers custom machining services utilizing various CNC technologies and equipment. One of the primary advantages of working with Staub is that our precision machining of custom components stems from automated production processes, leaving you with fully finished components ready for immediate use. To learn more about our capabilities, contact the expert team at Staub Precision Machine today. 


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