Vixen Automated Blast Cabinet (Sandblaster)

Aug 28, 2023

Vixen Automated Blast Cabinet

Vixen Automated Blast Cabinet (sandblaster)


Deburring & Finishing



  • 6 blasting guns on surface treatment station
  • Automated indexing table with 12 satellite stations
  • Satellite stations with variable speed & 360 rotation

Staub’s Vixen Jetair automated dry blast indexing machine is a large station with dry abrasive blasting capabilities for cleaning and treating intricate components that are fragile or of an awkward size. It is capable of surface-treating components without contact with other components or heavy media.

A good alternative to dry blasting, Staub’s Vixen is a dust free process that cleans by flow, not impact, and can provide a soft finish.

Surface treatment station uses up to 6 blasting guns sequentially to ensure correct coverage is achieved for any component. Automated indexing table with 12 satellite stations allows for an efficient and cost-effective means of component surface preparation in high-volume production. Satellite stations offer variable speed 360° rotation in front of a series of adjustable blast guns. Utilizes a pressure-operated blast system which increases the speed of blasting by up to four times and increases efficiency. Additionally an ionized air station is used post-blast to improve surface cleanliness and product quality.