United CPC250 Deburring Machine

Aug 29, 2023

deburring machine

United CPC250 Deburring Machine


Deburring & Finishing



  • Maximum Capacity: 0.250 Cubic Feet / 7.07 Liters
  • Barrel Capacity: 0.0625 Cubic Feet
  • Turret Speed Range: 0-350 RPM, Fully Adjustable

Staub’s CPC250 deburring machine is ideal for deburring small parts up to 5″ x 4.5″. Parts, deburring media, compound and water can take care of deburring in no time and smaller parts like dental components or screw components can be processed by the thousands. Our CPC250 yields quick and consistent results and though it is smaller than similar barrel finishing systems out there, it can deburr small parts 10 times faster than any vibratory tumbler with more consistency and precision. Deburring parts and separating them from tumbling media is fast because additional barrels can be on standby so parts and media can be changed in less than a minute. Due to its smaller barrels, the CPC250 consumes less media and compound than similar equipment out there. This is advantageous to customers as overall efficiencies help to reduce costs and turnaround time.