Keyence TM-040T w/Universal Robot & NL1500

Apr 5, 2023

Keyence TM

Keyence TM-040T w/Universal Robot & NL1500


Deburring & Finishing



  • Automated vision inspection, complete part inspection in <5 seconds
  • Fully automatic measurement to eliminate operator error
  • Can measure up to 99 features on 99 parts in the same inspection, including automatic GD&T calculations
  • Central data management to output inspection information for statistical evaluation

We’ve combined a high-speed Keyence 2D laser displacement optical micrometer with a versatile collaborative robot industrial robot arm with a high payload and long-reach capability. This system allows for high-speed, high-accuracy inspection and sampling. It is attached to a DMG Mori NL1500 CNC Turning center for fully automated, lights-out inspection. It is hooked into our central data management system to output inspection data for statistical evaluation (SPC).