DMG Mori Sprint 20|8

Dec 10, 2020

DMG Sprint 20

DMG Mori Sprint 20|8


CNC Turning



  • 1″ thru the spindle
  • 12’ barfeeder
  • 25 tool positions on 2 linear carriers
  • Live tooling on both spindles
  • Can run swiss or with fixed head stock
  • Simultaneous working on both spindles

Production-optimized design with maximum stability and long-term precision, the DMG Sprint 20|8 has Swiss turning capabilities up to 42mm with extended spindle travel from 60 to 180mm.

Maximum stability – constant stiffness thanks to robust, widely spaced, linear ball-bearing guideways. It can machine parts up to ø20×600mm in length with optimal flexibility thanks to the large working area and 750mm wide door and has optional automatic part removal for components up to 130mm long as standard.

Highest stability and consistent precision—highly dynamic drive in all axis for short machining time and minimal idle time. The DMG Sprint 20|8 has multiple axes and eight driven tools for machining complex components.